Brett Koorstad Coaching Second-Stage Recovery For Spiritual Seekers​

Second-Stage Recovery For Spiritual Seekers

Time To Take Your Healing To The Next Level
Be Happier. Be Freer. Finally Live The Life Of Your Dreams.

Move Beyond The 12-Steps:  Leave behind the old “disease” paradigm, step into the new “I am healed” paradigm once and for all.

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Now is your time.  You’ve got big things to do in the world -- you know you are meant for more.

I'm Brett, and I am your coach if:

So, let’s get started right away toward your mission, moving you toward your dreams and desires and creating success for yourself on your terms.

Because everything you desire for yourself is already here, waiting to be revealed to you.  You are right on the edge of a breakthrough.  You only need a new perspective, so don’t quit five minutes before the miracle!  When your resistance rears its ugly head, get help, support, and learn new ways to heal through very simple processes.

Personal Note:  Over the past 25 years, I have done my own personal work both in 12-step recovery and in therapy, as well as being a trained and certified mentor and coach. 

When you work with me, you are getting a Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Certified Healer, Coach, Intuitive, Strategist, and a Conscious Entrepreneur. 

I work with you holistically to create a life that is filled with ease, joy, fulfillment and purpose, how to live a deeply satisfying, more fully conscious life. 

As a Second-Stage Recoverer, (you have already developed spiritual practices and/or have done your work; now you are ready to go next-level awesome with your spiritual practice) you will learn tools I’ve developed over the years, a clear path to your deeper healing. 

I took control of my life, my emotions, and my own healing and am committed to help YOU do the same.

You are ready.

Let me help you step into your Second-Stage Recovery and transform your life, relationships, business, and live a richer, more deeply satisfying life!