Brett Koorstad Coaching

Second-Stage Recovery For Spiritual Seekers

About Brett

Brett is a staunch advocate for men and women who have experienced trauma, sexual abuse, grief and loss, as well as being a Spiritual Advocate and Energy Healer.  

It is because of her own experiences with early childhood sexual abuse, dark teenage years riddled with painful, traumatic experiences, and self-medication with drugs and alcohol that she has come now to her life’s work as Second-Stage Recovery Coach and Mentor.

She spent many years being of service (beginning in 1992), working faithfully on her own recovery and helping others work on theirs through the tried and trusted 12 Steps.  

But then life showed up in a big and painful way.  At just 33 years old, 10 years into her recovery, her husband was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic lung cancer, dying just a few months later.  After his death, Brett’s life began to crumble.  She herself became ill, and the deepest issues that she had worked to heal all those years came flooding back.  All the unmet and unhealed grief from childhood traumas, as well as the most current grief and shock, came flooding back in.  She knew in her core it was time to take a very different path to heal her life, or risk drowning.

That path became her one focused goal and commitment to herself and her four kids.  There was nothing that came before her work to get better.  She sought out the help she would need, gathered her support people around her, and began the work to move Beyond The 12 Steps.

She developed skills and techniques to move through whatever came her way.  In doing her Work, she found her Self.  

Brett learned about how staying attached to “stories” kept her “sick”, traumatized, and locked in her grief.  She learned that healing is real and possible.  She came to deeply understand and know that she was born with everything she needed to have the life of her dreams; she had only forgotten for a time.

Now, her mission–her life’s purpose–is to work with YOU, to remind you that you, too, have all that you need to fulfill your heart’s desire, to let go of traumas and painful attachments.  She will teach the Process of Un-Covery, helping you to peel away the layers and undo the knots of your past so you can finally, once and for all, be truly free.  

Brett is a Certified Coach and Mentor, Spiritual Teacher,  Reiki Certified Healer, Intuitive Strategist, and a Conscious Entrepreneur. 

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