You May Be A Victim (And That’s Ideal)

Am I a Victim (gasp)? Definition of victim ( 1 : one that is acted on and usually adversely affected by a force or agent: such as a (1) : one that is injured, destroyed, or sacrificed under any of various conditions a victim of cancer a victim of the auto crash a murder victim […]

Presence, Healing and Being Seen

Presence, healing, and being seen are transformative when practiced in a very intentional and simple way.  We are created to be in relationship, but how can we connect and be in relationship when we can’t or won’t see each other, right? What Are You Lookin’ At? Have you ever heard or seen somebody get really […]

Resistance is the Opposite of Presence

Why Resistance is the Opposite of Presence To find the answer to the above question, let’s ask ourselves this question:  Is it true that resistance is the opposite of Presence?  Wouldn’t it make better sense to say disconnection is the opposite of Presence?  Or absence, distance, distraction, or any number of things that precludes a […]

The Many, Many Perks of Practicing Presence

The Many Perks of Practicing Presence Today, let’s dig deep into the many, many perks of practicing presence.  I am forever touting the benefits of cultivating your own presence through coming back again and again to this moment.  But, why, right?  Let’s really break it down.

Synchronicity Shows Up When You Practice Presence (and When You Don’t)

We probably all have had something, someone, an event, etc., show up in our lives at the most fortuitous time, when we wanted or needed it most, or maybe even we didn’t know we needed it…That is the essence of synchronicity. Synchronicity, of course, is the term coined by Carl Jung to explain “coincidences” that […]

Heartbreak and Presence

I have written and talked about my own heartbreak (many times over) and my journey through it with the Practice of Presence.  This article will be no different except that it is a more current devastation that prompts it. I won’t be writing a political article, a non-political article, a call-to-action article, a rant, or […]

Why You Can (and Will) Fall in Love With Practicing Presence, Too

I’m going to just say it right here in the very first line—because Presence and Love are the same thing.  Period.  The End.  Finito. There are words that can and ought to be used interchangeably, and Presence, Love, Reality, and God, are a just a few of them. 

Why I’m In Love With Practicing Presence

Again, Really? I know what you’re thinking.  Does every one of this woman’s posts have to be about Presence?  Is this all she cares about, Practicing Presence?  I mean, really how flippin’ practical is that anyway?  How can it even do a single thing to improve my life?  I’m hurting and stuck and she’s talking […]

Forget Mindfulness and Practice Presence!

I have a confession. I’m not a fan of the word or of the practice of “mindfulness.” I don’t ascribe, either, to the practice of “thoughtfulness.” While I’m not just blurting this out to be a smarty pants, there is a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek-ness here, because I certainly understand the sentiment and intention of […]

From Presence to Surrender (For the Win!)

In order to gain control of your life, you must surrender.  Does this sound counterintuitive, like an oxymoron, like a ridiculous statement? Reality check.  The more you resist what IS and wrestle with reality, the tougher and more arduous life becomes.  It is no different than the drowning man who cannot be saved until he […]