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Second-Stage Recovery For Spiritual Seekers

Coaching Your Way

Brett Koorstad Coaching

Coaching Your Way...
To a Richer, More Deeply Satisfying Life

Just so we are both clear as Coach and Client, we’ll start with your hour-long Best Fit Session (totally free).  We’ll know pretty quick if we’re “meant!”

Once we decide we’ve got work to do together (I’m so excited!!!!), we will decide which package works best for YOU.

There are TWO ways to work with me:

1) Five-week Group Coaching With Brett

This package is an amazing way to jump into Your already in-progress Spiritual Work.  With this program, there is a free group with weekly Zoom classes.  We’ll all congregate here for teaching, fellowship, and Q&A sessions (5 Zoom sessions total).  You’ll get “homework,” including my proprietary Six-Pack of Meditations, journaling prompts, and tools for ongoing healing and deep dives into what stands between you and your birthright — Joy, Freedom, and Peace of Mind. I will be available for questions via email and Messenger help (unlimited during the period of the program).

Each week, we focus on one topic, outlined below:

  • We start with an honest look so we know where we are and where we are going (Clarity)
  • We make space (or an opening) for deeper healing (Open-mindedness)
  • We begin to shift from the old paradigm of “dis-ease” into the new paradigm of “I am Healed” (Willingness)
  • We create together Mantras and Affirmations to make new mental habits (Creativity)
  • We practice gratitude and acceptance for where we have been and most especially for where we are now. (Self-Love)

This Program will be Challenging, Fun and Life-Expanding!

2) 90 Days 1:1 Coaching with Brett

Inside The 90-Day Coaching Program With Brett:

90 days of consistently working together creates not only lasting transformation, it has been determined to be an ideal period of time to define and implement goals and intentions.  It gives you the space and time to learn the techniques (and utter joy!) of Practicing Intentional Presence in your daily life.

When old patterns or ways of thinking crop up, you will be know without doubt how to resolve and let go of them!

Over the course of the program, you will gain clarity about what you desire and why, develop even stronger life skills to maintain your goals, and you will experience healing.

With the 90-Day Coaching Program with Brett, you receive loving and supportive redirection and helpful course corrections as you move through your own process of healing so you can build your best intentional life.

Finally, 90 days of working with me will allow you to fully integrate your new knowledge into your spiritual, physical, and emotional being for lasting, life-long change.

Inside The 90-Day Coaching Program With Brett, you will experience:

  • An initial 90-minute Session with me.
  • 11 one-hour Private Coaching Calls scheduled at your convenience.
  • Tailor-made weekly assignments based completely on your Present needs.
  • 6-pack of Presence Meditations.
  • Ongoing e-mail or Messenger access to me during your coaching program.

You are ready.  All the joy, ease, fun, serenity, and most of all HEALING are just on the other side.

Contact me here or via Facebook Messenger to get booked now!