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Brett Koorstad Second State Recovery

A New Way To Look At Recovery

As a Second-Stage Recoverer, (i.e., you have already developed spiritual practices and/or have done your work, either through 12-step recovery programs or other modalities; now you are ready to go next-level awesome with your spiritual practice), you will learn all the tools and processes I’ve developed over more than 25 years that have literally set me free!

Now, you’re ready to go Beyond The 12-Steps, leave behind the “disease” model, and take an even deeper dive into your Spiritual Growth.

When you work with me, you are getting a Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Certified Healer, Coach, Intuitive Strategist, and Conscious Entrepreneur.  I work with you holistically to create a life that is filled with ease, joy, fulfillment and purpose, how to live a deeply satisfying, more fully conscious life.  I teach you how to step into your Second-Stage Recovery, and then you will transform your life, relationships, business, and live a richer, more deeply satisfying life!

We will do this work together, and it will radically transform your life so that you manifest the abundance that is your birthright.  There is nothing you’ve gone through that I cannot help and support you through with my unique program.  I am here for you, to support you along the way as you develop new habits and learn to trust yourself once and for all.  Together, we will discover (recover and uncover) what keeps you stuck in old thought patterns, trapped in pain and suffering, your specific challenges, and I will hold this sacred space for your throughout the process.

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