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Right In Front Of You Brett Koorstad Coaching

Right In Front Of You

Try, try, try, strive, strive, strive, work, work, work. Rinse, repeat. Right? I could stop right here and you would know what my point is,

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Did You Forget Brett Koorstad Coaching

Did You Forget?

Did you forget? I did. I thought I had to put on a happy face, be a cheerleader, act a certain way, all the while

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Ego Today's Big Question Brett Koorstad Coaching

Today’s Big Question

Here’s the Big Question: “Do I need to murder my ego to be enlightened or next-level spiritual?” Read on to find the answer ❤ An Answer

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Inside Job Helen Keller Brett Koorstad Coaching

Inside Job

It is an INSIDE JOB (your work, I mean) 😊 If there was one piece of advice I would give to anyone trying to deepen their

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Heart Warrior Shaddow Work Brett Koorstad Coaching

Shadow Work

The truth in the face of deep, challenging Shadow Work– What comes to your mind when you say to yourself, “I am enough?” I hope

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Light Is The Goal Brett Koorstad Coaching

Light Is The Goal

Yes, the light is the goal. But we can’t even see the light until we screw up the courage to look into our own darkness.

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I Can Do It Second Stage Recovery Brett Koorstad

Question of the Day

I want to change but I keep doing the same shit! Why? That’s really the question, isn’t it? If I want to change, why can’t I? This

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