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We Are Badasses

Badass Defined I’m definitely a badass. Are you a badass, too? Recovery often conjures images of a sad or angry person sitting in a circle

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I Just Need Some Space

I Just Need Some Space 👩‍🚀💫 Ever hear someone say they just need some space and wonder why they were running away? Or like it

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Surrender and Win

Surrender and Win Here’s an oxymoron for ya!  In order to gain control of your life, you must surrender to win. Sounds counterintuitive, like an oxymoron,

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Ain’t That a Shame

Shame Defined You know the main problem with shame?  Besides the fact that is utterly debilitating and keeps you hostage to a past that no

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Make Room, Get Present

Do you ever think, think, think, and then re-think your thoughts to such a degree that there is no room for anything else? No room

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