Did you forget? I did. I thought I had to put on a happy face, be a cheerleader, act a certain way, all the while escaping at the end of every day from the reality, which was that the thing that had once been what I thought of as the solution had become the problem.

Did You Forget Brett Koorstad Coaching

Did You Forget? You, Too?

See, the reason you do this is because whatever you’re doing to escape is pleasurable (or effective) for a time…but at some point, it became this insidious unraveling of your life and the process of disconnection–and that leads to your suffering.

Fortunately, I eventually discovered the reason for this collapse into the darkness was simple – forgetting.

We are meant to experience life with the brilliant clarity we owned as little babies. And we had that clarity when we were new because it is our birthright.

I remember it! It was mine, and I didn’t question it or wonder at it. I just played and learned and lived!

The people around me were mine! The toys I played with were mine! The sun and moon and stars were mine! And I loved them all fiercely. I was connected to everything, it was all connected to me, and I knew joy.

Do you remember now?

You may go through day-to-day like a zombie until the pain of living like that becomes so intense you are forced to face something you forgot you even had—a choice.

Here are your options: keep living like that or do something radically different.

The truth is that it takes one very simple decision to radically change everything, to become present to your own precious life.

Rumi says it best, “The cure for the pain is in the pain,” and it is so very true. We turn right into it, and it no longer owns us. It’s time.

Time for you to remember who you really are, that we are all connected, that it is safe to awaken in the Here and Now.

SHARE WITH US some of the ways you have come back to yourself. How did/does that look? Have you had to let go of some stuff to do it, or reintroduce some things you’d let go of?

So curious! Let us know in the comments!

Love you guys!

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