It is an INSIDE JOB (your work, I mean) 😊

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If there was one piece of advice I would give to anyone trying to deepen their spiritual walk and to continue into the next phase of their healing/recovery, it would be something like this:


Am I yelling just a little bit? Yes, I believe I am!

It hurts me to see that one of the biggest issues people have in moving forward and embracing healing, i.e., change, is that they want all the magic with none (or the very least amount) of the effort.

I wonder if it is because of the magical mystery tour a lot of us took with the movie and book combo, The Secret.
And don’t get me wrong, I loved it, too, and follow a lot of its contributors to this day! However, while it contained so much great and useful information, it sometimes tended to overlook the WORK and EFFORT ingredients that are key to manifesting anything.

Including stepping into a HEALED LIFE.

Everyone wants that. To be healed of painful pasts, addictions, obsessive thoughts, impulsive behaviors, grief, loss, anger, right? To be free so your can have the best relationships and connections, make more money, be more creative, have booming businesses, finally healing your body, mind, and your spirit — of course you do.

Make no mistake, either, it is your birthright to have all those things and more.

When you do your work. When it’s an inside job.

Listen, healing and recovery are inside jobs. Inside out.

When you take a deep dive, meaning you take 100% responsibility for your own pain, your own trauma, your own hurts, etc., and then decide to heal, you can and you will..

When you do the inside out work, your life becomes the beautiful tribute to yourself, and you truly begin to understand what it is to live abundantly, to manifest your heart’s desires.

And you can only do it when you are steadfastly looking in the mirror, not obsessively looking out the window waiting for THEM to get their shit together.

That isn’t how abundance, healing, and manifesting work.

My heart’s desire is to teach you how I did my own inside-out work, have taught my clients to achieve relief, freedom, and abundance I’m talking about here. DM me and let’s make this your reality!

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