Yes, the light is the goal.

Light Is The Goal Brett Koorstad Coaching

But we can’t even see the light until we screw up the courage to look into our own darkness.

Darkness isn’t the same as shame.

It isn’t the equivalent of bad.

It’s not to be feared.

It is a messenger.

Look into it, deeply, and know that the answers are there, in the dark, waiting for acknowledgement so that it CAN be transformed.

If it gets dismissed, submerged, disowned, or even schmeared with sparkly frosting, it will not magically disappear.

It will still be there. Awaiting that acknowledgment…creating chaos in your life.

Once you decide to confront the darkness, an amazing thing happens— you discover yourself, who you really are.

That’s when life gets really good.

By doing your shadow work, you open yourself up, and the light comes flooding right on in! Yes, certainly, light is the goal!

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