I want to change but I keep doing the same shit! Why? That’s really the question, isn’t it? If I want to change, why can’t I? This question is really at the crux of all of the self-help, personal growth, spiritual journeying, business development (i.e. entrepreneurship)…every book, article, even the best manifesting movies.

I Can Do It Second Stage Recovery Brett Koorstad

Because when you try and try and try to change a habit you consider unhealthy or that stands in the way of what you say you really want and still come up unable to make the new behavior “stick” you want to know why!

Your first instinct is to blame yourself, get mad at yourself, get frustrated. Quit.

But don’t! The truth is, you’re completely normal.

Resistance to major change is HUMAN. It is built into us.

And guess what else? When you’ve done this thing, whatever it is, for a couple of days and then “slip up” or “backslide” or “screw up”, it’s literally, honestly, completely, no bullshit A GOOD SIGN!

The Truth Is

It’s not about your character or lack thereof. It’s not because you’re bad or weak or because you don’t really want what you want.

The answer to your question is simple (not to minimize the effort it takes because it takes effort, determination, support).

Your brain puts up the biggest fuss, fights the hardest, talks the loudest when it realizes major change is HAPPENING. It will do everything in its power to stop the “dangerous” thing (change) from occurring.

If you stop, you strengthen the resistance. If you persist, you strengthen the change you want.

With persistence (think: proof for your frightened mind), the resistance will lessen and you will once again become the master of your mind.


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