Recovery:  Wanting It Vs. Needing It

Recovery is for people who want it, not for those that need it.
It’s a hard truth, but it goes for recovery from addiction, grief, trauma, and everything in between.

We can want it for the ones we love more than anything, so much that it aches. We can cajole them, scream at them, gnash our teeth. We can buy them books, take them to meetings or sessions, or even institutionalize them.
But until there is an internal shift, until something inside THEM wakes up, even a spark of desire to get better, WE are powerless over THEM. Hell, we will always be powerless over them.

Letting Go

My mother-in-law used to tell me how she would figuratively put her son (my husband) on the foot of her bed in an act of surrender, and just ask her version of god to get him to wherever he needed to be to get better. She knew absolutely that she could not get him clean, could not force him to get what he so desperately needed.
Because healing is an INSIDE job. Period.
As I often say, in my experience you must take 100{8237ab8107ac7c2b1d75c41f19fed51d2b60f9cbc84515710ced088e94dc99b7} responsibility for yourself, and that includes the stuff you are certain was done to you, that was unfair, that ripped out your heart or harmed your body. It seems counterintuitive. I know it does.
But it is the ONLY thing that will set you free.

You Can Break Free

The minute I decided to own my life (because it is mine and no one else’s), I was nobody’s victim ever, ever again. I became empowered, higher powered even, and the knots of dysfunction, sickness, grief, trauma, addiction released, and I could begin the process of healing.
There is a place for those of us that have been on this journey awhile, for us Spiritual Seekers.
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