Try, try, try, strive, strive, strive, work, work, work.

Rinse, repeat. Right?

Right In Front Of You Brett Koorstad Coaching

I could stop right here and you would know what my point is, wouldn’t you?

It’s exhausting, the push, the effort, the TRYING to change and improve and be better.

You want more love, so you work on what? Maybe your weight. Your personality? Your wardrobe?

You want more money, so you get a second job? Sell stuff on Craigslist? Read ALL the books on money abundance and ditching debt? You yell at yourself 10 times a day, “Get your head in the GAME, son!?”

You want your pain to disappear, so you again READ all the books. You’re probably journaling morning and night. You WORK and STRIVE to change so whatever pain you experience will not recognize you and can’t find you.

What if all the pushing and striving and looking for the answers OUT THERE is really what keeps what you say you most desire just out of reach?

These examples are so ALL of us at some point. But what if…what if you already have everything you need inside you and if all this striving is actually keeping you APART from what you most desire?

Because it is. And because you do!

If you want more love, the answer is simple. BE more love.

Be kind and open. If you want more abundance, give more (then be wide open to receiving more, too). Give your time, your kindness, your ear. Be the FLOW. Say YES to experiences.

What if with just a few shifts in your thinking and letting go of some of those old outdated beliefs you could transform and revolutionize your entire outlook and experience here in this life?

It IS as so many of the wisest sages have been trying to tell you for so long, you are that which you seek already.

This is the TRUTH.

It is so simple that people most often overlook what is right in front them. Or should I say right inside of them?

I want this for you. Oh my goodness, do I ever want you to KNOW this truth. I love you and I see you!

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