The truth in the face of deep, challenging Shadow Work–

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What comes to your mind when you say to yourself, “I am enough?”

I hope that it is that you are, indeed, enough. Because, of course, you are.

If it isn’t what you believe at your core, though, know this: most people do not believe that they are enough.

For example, several years ago I was having a deep and starkly honest discussion with a woman friend I loved very much. She said to me despairingly, “I know what too much is and I know what too little is, but I have no clue what enough is.”

I understood. I had felt that way, too, many times. Honestly, I hunted and searched and did the most insane and self-destructive things on my quest to fill that hole with as much as I could because of that. And I did that for far too long.

However, I began to shift this painful pattern when I realized I was living a life completely contrary to who I really am.

And it pissed me off! I decided to make a change. Well, many changes.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies.

You see, taking the deepest of deep dives into these core misbeliefs (our Shadows) can be not only uncomfortable, but dark. And that is shadow work.

And that, believe it or not, is a good thing!

Because once you make friends with the shadowiest, secretest places of yourself–the ones you are taught to disown because they aren’t nice, aren’t polite, are ugly, rude, too much, or whatever other crap you were fed, the painful knots of “I am NOT enough” unravel, and what you will begin to discover is that you ARE enough.

It is, of course, a process, and not one for the faint of heart to be sure. It takes so much COURAGE and DETERMINATION (and SUPPORT) to stand in your POWER and look unflinchingly into your deepest, truest self, but the journey is beautiful and transformative.

I encourage you to take this journey because you deserve joy. And because you ARE enough (right now, the way you are). I’m here to support you, just DM me and we’ll get to it, my friends.

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