It’s Not An Either/Or Proposition

And that’s kind of what fucked me up because a lot of people, in my actual experience, are under the mistaken belief that recovery is all black or all white and nothing at all in between.You’re either in. Or you’re out.And I am here to call BULLSHIT.



When I made the best and hardest decision of my life to “leave” 12-step recovery to claim my HEALED life, I kind of knew what I was in for.(actual quotes from well-meaning people in “the program”)

“ You WILL get loaded”
“You ARE ungrateful”
“You have FORGOTTEN where you came from”
“You are FULL of shit”

And one of my all time favorites:
“Where will you find another husband?”

Oh Em Gee, for serious?!So…Why do I say it kind of fucked me up?Because it sowed seeds of fear that I couldn’t be myself, tell my truth, teach what I know, coach the way my heart demands. That people would *gasp* be mad at me and stop loving me if I just fucking told the truth.However, as of today, right now—no more holding back my truth for any reason!!!

HEALING IS REAL (and available)

The truth is at some point in my process, on my path, it became really obvious that saying “I’m sick” every day (yes, sometimes twice a day for over 19 years) was counterproductive and contrary to my belief system about HEALING, ABUNDANCE, MANIFESTATION, and my own DAMN POWERFULNESS.

Healing is real. We do get better, like ALL THE WAY better. And not in some bypassing, bullshit fairy-dust kind of way.

We do it by telling ourselves the stripped-down truth, by examining our STORIES and then DISMANTLING them, by re-wiring our minds AND our physiology. By dropping shame, misbeliefs, and not looking back with regret!Fuck, we do it by staying out of the past or the future and by living right here in the PRESENT MOMENT.

I’m Not The Only One

I’ve discovered over the last several years that there are lots of us recovery outliers that feel afraid to make the change, the shift, from “sick” and “recovering” to “healed” and “thriving.” Because it sounds like they’d be (or I am) saying there is something WRONG with 12-step recovery and its model.So let me be very clear here.

There is NO wrong.

This is about journeys and paths and truths and experiences, more about what’s alike than what’s different; it is about us as we continue and un-cover more and more reality about ourselves and our lives.

I started my journey as a young 20-something, and it was a beautiful and powerful process. It was the first phase of my healing journey. What could be wrong with that?

I had a spiritual awakening, as many of us do, and I knew without a shadow of a doubt it was time to move into phase 2.


When you do this work, as I have done and as I have done with my clients, you will be ready to CLAIM your own POWER, MANIFEST a HEALTHY mind, body, spirit, deepen your love for yourself and open yourself up to ALL the possibilities that you deserve.

No more candy-coated bullshit, guys. There is a phase beyond the 12-step phase of recovery from trauma, grief, and YES, addiction.

HEALING IS REAL. No more hiding. It can be yours, too, if you want it.

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