Triple D, Triple Threat:  The Three D’s of Change

Let’s talk about the process I call The Three D’s of Change for a minute, shall we?  No, The Three D’s of Change isn’t about diners and/or dives(nope, not drive ins, either!) nor will it be about people who can sing, dance, and act!

It’s about transformation from who you have always been into who you strive to be by using the Three D’s of change.

This 3D process includes:

  • Desire
  • Direction
  • Discipline

Okay, so let’s dig right in!

D is For Desire

Desire is about knowing what you want and taking intentional action; when you keep going no matter what.  It is not about lack-mentality wanting, but about abundance, creativity, and the wisdom (and willingness) to receive them.

D is For Direction

Direction comes from deeply understanding what your Why is – what will your life look like once you have what you desire.  This understanding will be closely tailgated by your How – what to do to make your Why a reality.  Not knowing, confusion, procrastination (sometimes, not always), and settling are all “rackets.”  What is a racket you ask?  Well, in this context it is a polite way of saying “it’s bullshit, and you need to get out of your own way.”  When you drop the resistance, clarity follows.  Direction also is getting the direction and guidance of someone who has walked this path before you, like a parent, a coach, a priest or rabbi (and, no, I will not insert that filthy joke here!).  In other words, asking for help to make your why come into being.

D is For Discipline

Then, there is Discipline.  Discipline is about consistency and application, (to apply your desire to the direction you’ve been given).  Discipline comes from inside (where your higher self resides, your intuition, your connection to whatever resonates as your higher power), as well as from your community.  It is your never-say-die attitude, your persistence, and structure or routine you’ve created to hold yourself accountable and to make it a long-term habit.

Note:   Take a moment to reflect on this often overlooked but highly important note about discipline.  The structure you are implementing must be flexible because rigidity is just another facet of the resistance you are leaving behind.  Discipline is about teaching and learning (and rewarding) not punishment and judgment.  Discipline, and in this case self-discipline, should always include celebration and recognition, as well as the grace to try again or even start over if you need to.

Use the three D’s to shift and transform something specific, an area of your life that you have decided needed a closer look and for you to do some things differently.  This process is simple, pulling everything together in a doable action plan.

A Final Word on The Triple D’s of Change

Make no mistake, the Three D’s are a spiritual practice, if for no other reason than their reality-based practicality.  There is a saying, quite simple and straightforward, which states, “If it’s not practical, it’s not spiritual.”  That has been my own experience.  Remaining grounded in my spiritual walk keeps me from floating off on a cloud of religious or (in my case) hippie-style zeal.

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